Blue Boat Diptych by Jill Mason


Discovered at low tide, this aged blue skiff rested calmly. Printed to a canvas and affixed to an artisan crafted wooden base, artfully aged, colored, and glazed, bordered with salvaged driftwood. Created as a diptych, each panels measure 28" in width and 16" in height.

About Jill mason Art:

Jill Mason Art is a collection of photography curated from hours of kayaking, walking, fishing and traveling back roads. Together with her partner Mike Rice, they spend their lives as close to the water as much they can exploring all along the coastline, lakes and rivers, always looking for the next great photo opportunity. Drawn to the color and light of the seascapes and the weathered, chipped paint and of colorful boats, skiffs and dinghies, they capture them and the moments as and when they see them and make them into art. 

Each image is printed on archival quality canvas and rendered with subtle brushstrokes, glazed and applied to a hand built wooden base and framed with weathered repurposed wood resulting in a piece of art that conveys the layers of memory and meaning we all can feel when an image speaks to us.