Pawfect Memories: Mariposa Dog Bone 4x6 Frame for Your Beloved Furry Friend

The Mariposa Dog Bone 4x6 Frame is a decorative frame designed to hold a 4x6 inch photograph of your beloved furry friend. The frame has a dog bone on it and has a polished, silver-tone finish that gives it a stylish and modern look.

The frame is made of high-quality, handcrafted materials and features intricate details that make it a beautiful addition to any home decor. The back of the frame is covered in black velvet, which adds an elegant touch and protects your photograph from scratches or damage.

The Mariposa Dog Bone 4x6 Frame makes for a perfect gift for dog owners or as a personal keepsake to cherish memories of your beloved pet. The frame can be displayed on a tabletop or shelf, making it a versatile decorative item.

Dimensions : 8.25in L x 4.75in W x -in H

 Photo Size : 4" x 6"