Dune Charm

Introducing the stunning collection of Dune Jewelry Travel Treasure Charms, perfect for those who love to travel and collect unique souvenirs from all around the world. Each charm is carefully crafted with sand or elements from iconic beaches, allowing you to carry a piece of your favorite destinations with you wherever you go.

Choose from a variety of charming designs including the classic Anchor, a symbol of strength and stability, the Blue Heart, which represents love and compassion, the Conch Shell, a symbol of good luck and prosperity, and the Camera, perfect for capturing all of your favorite memories.

Other designs include the Round, Sunglasses, Teardrop, Mermaid, Mussel, Seashell, Starfish, Globe, Wave, and Whale's Tail. Each charm has its own unique story and meaning, making them the perfect addition to your travel jewelry collection.

Made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, the Dune Jewelry Travel Treasure Charms are not only beautiful but also durable, ensuring that they will last for years to come. These charms also make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel or has a passion for collecting unique and meaningful jewelry pieces.

Shop our collection today and add a touch of adventure and beauty to your everyday style with the Dune Jewelry Travel Treasure Charms.

Gorgeous natural Mojave Blue Turquoise shares the unique beauty of our earth in this Collectible Travel Treasures™ Globe Charm in recycled sterling silver. Capture where you've been, where you love, and where you're going by adding this to your collection. Charm your way around the World™ by adding this to our charm bracelets, chains, or earrings.

  • Certified Recycled .925 Sterling Silver
  • Fits our Collectible Travel Treasures™ Bracelets, Chains, & Earrings
  • Mojave Blue Turquoise bead measures 10mm in diameter
  • Charm measures approximately 27mm in length and 12mm in width at its widest point
  • Infinitely customizable with our Collectible Travel Treasures™