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Fog Block

FogBlock is the frustration-free way to wear glasses and a PPE mask!

  • Safe For All Lens: Made with premium formula, Fog Block is safe to use on all lenses, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety goggles, ski goggles, swimming goggles, paintball masks, snorkel masks and many other types of lenses! Works on both Anti-Reflective and Non-Anti-Reflective lenses. 
  • No Wiping Needed: The spray bottle makes it easy to apply the Fog Block to your lens with a couple sprays. No wiping or microfiber cloth needed!
  • Long-Lasting Formula:This safe and effective formula lasts up to 24 hours. 30 ml bottle lasts for 120 sprays.
  • Travel-Friendly Size - Whether you plan to ski or lounge in the sun, FogBlock is a useful companion for your destination AND for your airport experience. FogBlock is a must have for anyone who wears glasses or sunglasses with a face mask.