Indian-ish Spices Gift Set

Featuring spices and seasonings that are staples in Indian kitchens, Spicewalla's Indian(-ish) collection is an exciting collaboration that celebrates the release of writer Priya Krishna's incredible new cookbook, Indian(-ish).
Black Mustard Seed, Chaat Masala, and Roasted Coriander Powder will set you up to begin your culinary journey through this wildly entertaining and thoughtful collection of the most creative and delicious "Indian-ish" recipes. 

Chaat Masala: Chaat Masala is a staple in my cooking!! Its an alltime favorite!!  Funky, salty, and tangy, chaat masala is a magical mixture of spices that is entirely unique to Indian cuisine. Put it on anything - from savory flavors to fruity; you won't be disappointed! Amchoor, black salt, cumin, coriander, black pepper, ginger, mint, ajwain, and hing

Roasted Coriander Powder: The coriander plant has leaves that we in the U.S. call cilantro, and these slim seeds known as coriander. The roasted, dried seeds still have a zingy, citrusy freshness that will pairs gorgeously with lime juice, and will brighten up sweet and savory dishes alike. Maybe that’s why it’s one of the earliest recorded spices?

Black Mustard Seeds: Black mustard seeds have a well deserved reputation for their pungent spicy aroma and flavor. Most common in Indian cooking black mustard seeds are often fried in oil, making them sweet and mild while releasing a nutty aroma.