Lemon Napkin Box

Add a touch of sunshine to your table setting with our Lemon Beaded Napkin Box Set. This unique napkin holder features a vibrant lemon design that is sure to brighten up any meal. Our Lemon-themed napkin box set is the perfect addition to your tableware collection for summer parties, special occasions, or everyday use.

Crafted with intricate beaded detailing, this napkin holder is both elegant and functional. It can easily hold a stack of napkins while adding a stylish touch to your table. The lemon-inspired tableware is a must-have for citrus lovers and those who enjoy bright and cheerful home decor.

Not only is this Lemon Beaded Napkin Box Set a unique table accessory, but it also makes for a great gift for hostesses or anyone who loves citrus-themed home decor. Use it to add a touch of elegance to your next event or as a stunning centerpiece for your dining table. With this napkin holder, the possibilities are endless.

Get creative and use this Lemon-themed napkin box set to create a stunning table setting that will impress your guests. It's perfect for summer-themed parties, and it's sure to become a favorite among your collection of elegant tableware. Order yours today and add a touch of sunshine to your home!

Dimensions: 5.75" L x 5.75" W x 1.5" H